Sticker set mixed

Sticker set mixed

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Tired of reminding others of how to think like a person who cares about customer experience? Let this sticker do it for you. Put it on your laptop, your phone or your notebook. 

The sticker set features:

  • Shitty first draft
  • Don't just guess what your customers want.
  • Assumption based you have become. The dark side I sense in you.
  • Customer experience is more than f***ing metrics!
  • You have this spreadsheet to keep track of customer experience? Well. Yeah. Now what?
  • 78.4% are satisfied with your product. Yeah, numbers. Now what?
  • 95% of service design is not a workshop
  • Do you f***ing research!
  • Build bridges, not silos
  • An idea without a test is just an idea.

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